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Yesa Technology Co., Ltd. corporation located in Taiwan , was established in Shenzhen 2003. By way of early trade, engaged in the business of rechargeable batteries. Thereafter, we begin to engage in the battery assembly areas and mainly produce power tools batteries, battery and battery sweeper.The annual of battery packs is 460,000.Although we are still a small-scale enterprises currently,we have good reputation and relationship all over the world with the high-quality, all models,development speed fast and excellent service.What is more,we always try our best focus on the professional field unremittingly.

In 2010, we cooperate with Darfon Electronics Corp. which is well-known company in TaiWan. Under the support of this excellent development team, we went forward lifepo4 battery power field.Our own "yesa" brand power battery pack ,charger and battery solutions have been affirmed by the filed increasingly.We are very proud to be the provider of the famous international battery supply,including the United States saft battery llc company.

                             Our philosophy: Profession, Efficiency, Detail

We can do for you.... 
We promise: We try hard to achieve a win-win transaction parties with the spirit of equality.
We promise : The materials and components must be same as our labeling or the clients’confirmation without scamp work and stint material.
We promise: We are engaged in business seriously and do not violate the laws of humanity and engaged in operations. Besides,we treat our partners justly.
We promise: We will be taken seriously and timely response to customers’ requests and oem case. We receive all kinds of supervision.

Welcome to Yesa Technology Co., Ltd.